Our system dynamics are in need for innovative transformations:





e-Transferium is an activation strategy for cooperation

with the ability to sustain and face those challenges!





How it's build

Sustainable consciousness will lead to Shared Points of Departure that give shape and direction to a collective felt sense of urgency to develop and implement innovations based on an intentionally well-defined shared design assignment.

The need for quality of life – based innovative solutions for present generations must be leading in generating the means on all social, educational, industrial and governmental levels to meet our needs and assure the potential effectiveness for future generations.



A tool developed to show where we, by adding value to the system, can manage on the connection between planet Earth and the quality of life on it. Park our egos, positively charge them through collaborative partnerships, based on shared points of departure for the road to face the challenge.


The main goal is sustainability that comes from positive effective solutions that offer present generations the capability as a civilization to empower employability and enrich cultures in order to celebrate life with an industry (economy) as nutritious instrument to the system and our ecology. Respecting diversity in nature, culture and future viable choices of next generations.


If we start by defining what we’ve got, than a first and most precious given fact is that we have a planet that withholds the exact right condition to provide a system that makes life possible. The conditions are constantly changing but within such boundaries or extremes that we as human beings can live on this planet or at least adept to these constant environmental changes. So first Planet, secondly a system that provides viability.

If we look at the triangular business models like “People, Planet, Profit”, or as used by McDonough and Braungart; “Equity, Ecology, and Economy” we can see a lot of similarity in the different components. Of course, managing on the connection of these 3 pillars in order to bring them in balance and harmony is the ultimate goal but we felt the need to define the basis components even more specific. The first “Planet Earth”, is similar and we feel that is just common sense, because for now that is the only place we have where we as human beings can live. Secondly we looked at Profit or Economy, which are systems, and by many considered goals, invented by us people.


We know now that the systems we as human beings developed are just not all working out well and in many cases are even harmful to the natural system that as we know provides us with the “luxury” of life. The urgent call for a system change comes from the fact that we cannot consider life as a luxury.

We cannot just sit back and enjoy it or invent systems that we consider to be goals for us humans only.


A luxurious gift though is the fact that we have Consciousness. Perception and interpretation of the world, with a global awareness and understanding based on laws of nature, the Natural System, is what makes us unique. 

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