Our system dynamics are in need for innovative transformations:





e-Transferium is an activation strategy for cooperation

with the ability to sustain and face those challenges!





On the Highway to the future

we are stuck in traffic!


Endless traffic jams of private-owned labels, none disclosure agreements, green trendsetters en containers full of sustainability labels and certificates block our road. One for sure even better, greener, faster as the other stand still and watch the traffic jams at the other side of the road. Colliding ego’s. The traffic jam in which bankers, insurance corporations, politicians and the "in for the money" captains of industry crowd behind the colossale trucks that carry the loan shark policies and stockbroker bubbles as if it was garbage towards the abyss, hoping to reach the other side over the heap of rubbish left behind. Even the hard shoulder as supplementary traffic lane for re-education is crowded with new experts and specialized programs. Physically and Digitally we have hit a wall.

That's why we take the exit at the sign e-transferium; egoparking!


Here, standing still

for a change,

is the way



There is no seize limit to ego parking, small or big, free space is guaranteed! Our head of ego-park attendants, David H. will see to an unlimited entrance, at any time you choose. Parking though is not without obligation.  Some commitment to cooperate for a better future will be asked.

At the e-transferium your ego will be positively charged and there's always a parking near you! Find my parking! 

Your own mobile parking meter:


  • unlimited parking time

  • guaranteed 24/7 access 

Create your own

ego slogan

and personalize

your parking spot

To find satisfaction or gratification in doing what is necessary, in pursuing a chosen goal from a collective perspective.  To do what is necessary for achieving that goal while preserving and value one’s self respect, creating added value and equality in value sharing.  

In an ever more individualistic society finding the challenge in collective value creation, is a challenge in itself. To actually do this while retaining and valuing one’s self respect, creating added value and equality for all is a challenge beyond proportions imaginable. An immense struggle that needs to empower a human transition where altruism will instinctively and dignity will intuitionally offer future generations a roadmap for exactly that challenge. Although attempted to take on and embraced by many generations of cultural, religious and political groups, even whole civilisations, yet not has been reached by any. So where or how to start. First park your Ego!