Our system dynamics are in need for innovative transformations:





e-Transferium is an activation strategy for cooperation

with the ability to sustain and face those challenges!






Adaptive feedback 

process model

Forming an e-transferium is a methodology based upon the necessity to create a working environment for cooperation that is save and excepted by all parties involved. Without colliding egos, working on a mutual agreed upon subscription of the need by defining a design assignment. And only than, secondly, working out – expertises, concepts, techniques, even budgets, the means to meet the defined and agreed upon need.

Especially in that first phase, creating an agreed upon design assignment that will inspire the challenge of facing the need, it is important for all participants to temporarily park their ego. In phase two it can be good for the creative process when an ego manifests itself. A well defined and agreed upon design assignment will make sure that this ego will be an intrinsic positively guided ego.



Working on such assignments from an intrinsic motivation will help and inspire cooperation. The individual (company, organisation or governance) interest will be served only in developing the common means to meet the need.  

The adaptive feedback process model is a guidance tool for building an e-transferium. A tool easy to adjust to the demands of the cooperation and scalable for small to large, local to regional and national to international projects. The tool guides the participants  and helps to attune the means to meet the need, while safeguarding the effectiveness and guaranteed quality as committed to by all partners. There is no loosing face for any of the assigned partners in facing the agreed upon challenge.


All elements as in the triangles (see How it's build!) now are connected trough the centre. Their given number are in sequence as the elements are used to build our triangular model. Notice that the connected elements’ numbers, all add up to 15. (See Numbers & Pico).


This story telling guidance tool can help us to even better define our vision and mission.