Our system dynamics are in need for innovative transformations:





e-Transferium is an activation strategy for cooperation

with the ability to sustain and face those challenges!





A continuous battle of opposing parties and conflict of interests!

It is in our DNA, as human kind we battle. DNA as in what Drives us to reinforce our natural Talents to reach Ambitious goals.


Most people, when asked, will endorse the ambition or need for

  • human rights
  • sustainability
  • self-management


Mostly (hopefully) talented people will work on regulations, guidelines, directives, laws and rights within (inter-)national and local governmental bodies, NGO's, environmental institutions and trade organisations etc.


Finally people will have to develop and manage progress on all goals in order to face the challenges and display competence of maintaining reforms and dissemination to next generations.

That is when and where egos start to collide! The question what drives us as human kind to really work on these challenges is not being answered from the same points of departure. 



We see it as the naivety of Evoke2!

Naïve? In other words meaning not artificial, simple or natural? The answer is a straightforward “Yes!” The context and intention of the question is of existential importance for they withhold Evoke2’s method to empower companies, governments and educational institutions to naïvely ask the right questions. Based on their identity, authenticity and expertise they discover that their solutions are qualified but do not answer the right questions; at least not from a perspective of a mutual responsibility and certainly not serving a mutual interest. Do we have shared points of departure?


To follow the current developments in politics, sustainable purchasing policies and society from a naïve perspective is a choice. The willingness to activate this naivety, serviceable for the empowerment of the exploration journey towards solutions that answer concrete questions is an intentionally defined choice. A choice made from a conscious that we have a shared sense of urgency. 

But even apart from this urgency and therefore free of any convention, if we become conscious of our place and (possible) function within the complex dynamic system (Planet Earth), it is of infantile simplicity to understand and make visible that we need to do things different. This very infantile simplicity or naivety finds its origin in nature. “Naïve” derives from the Latin “nativus”, meaning native. From a local and holistic point of view, by adding the “t” of technology, trust and truth, Evoke2 sees the greatest challenge in the one question:


Can we temporarily park our ego and transform what drives us based upon Shared Points of Deaparture? 


Would you like a naive answer?


Yes we can!




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Colliding egos!