Our system dynamics are in need for innovative transformations:





e-Transferium is an activation strategy for cooperation

with the ability to sustain and face those challenges!





Evoke2 is an independent partner that makes visible the invitation to cooperate within an open dynamic network of experts that actively support the envisioned mission from a separable functionality yet respecting each other’s expertise to ensure reliable implementation. From a well defined, first Cradle as an effective multiplier to the next. Experienced and with build up knowledge, Evoke2 states that the beginning of the journey in discovering true sustainability lies in the will to participate in cooperative partnerships that last. On both ends of most contradictious challenges we encountered, clashing egos often made it hard if not next to impossible for good ideas to really flourish. Its time to park our ego, acknowledge that we are all on the same road of discovery, set our clocks alike and work from well defined points of departure. A challenging future lies ahead! 

Evoke2 develops strategies that make visible and empower the innovative capacity of organisations that strive for solutions that ensure a defined quality. In accomplishing effective goals through co creation with knowledge partners by enabling their expertise to become added value within a mutual cause. Not from a marketing perspective of the individual participant, but through cooperation deliver “e-transferium solutions” that capture a shared roadmap for the implementation of effective economical and industrial solutions. Ego-parking, e-transferium and e-roadmaps offer organisations a clear insight and perspective goal – safe, responsible and accepted – because all build up knowledge and expertise is respected. Working from shared points of departure, companies will become part of the solution.


Within reach of their own potentials, innovative capacity and appropriate speed to act. 


team evoke2